Delicat Essen XCIII

My dear friend, former colleague, once but still fan-of, one-time lover and such, the both undisputed and unconquered Super-8-Queen of todays known universe, the one and only Dagie B is just spending her time at a tiny house in a sort of art quarantine in the South of Sweden. As a guest of the Goethe-Institut she is transforming the sea to see, merging light and shadow into vision to present her very imagination of our wobbling and yet so curious planet. No doubt agitated by the ongoing outbreak of the sad disease her personal impressions will certainly highlight some dagiesque insights of nature in development.

from tram by chance © dagie 2020

Happily she will research for an antidote to the current crisis with her best and strongest ingredients: beautiful pictures and well handcrafted artistic movies. Me is really looking forward to enjoy her funky Baltic work and it remains a whishful thinking that D. Longstocking will return save with a pocketful of gems plus some glitter of hope – heja!


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